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Introduction to Rhinoceros 3D - An ice breaking workshop to help you get started using Rhinoceros 3D. Rhino is a great program for all sorts of design work from large scale architectural work to small scale object design. This workshop will touch on basics of using the program as well as how to include it in digital fabrications projects ie. 3d printing, laser cutting.

We will begin by covering navigation and tools and, best modelling practices for digital fabrication, and then how to export your work for laser cutting or 3d printing.

Though this is a beginner class if you have a 3D project you would like to realize we can perhaps discuss best strategies for it. Its always better to have a project to work on so if you come with an idea you will be able to ask more specific questions that might help you.

It would be most productive to have rhino already installed and ready to go on a laptop as it really is a hands on type of software to learn. You can download a 90 day trial here:

After the trial period you can no longer save files however you can still tinker in the modelling space until you purchase a license or acquire it somehow.

If you are an Autocad user you can make your life easier by importing ACAD aliases (keyboard shortcuts for tools) here :