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(basement rack)
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* rack power
* rack power
* attempt to recalibrate ups
* <s>attempt to recalibrate ups</s>
* ups in rack
* ups in rack
* <s>patch panel in rack</s>
* <s>patch panel in rack</s>

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There is a 48 port patch panel in the cab in the office upstairs, of which 29 ports are used.

The Cab has 7 free U, we need 2 for the switches and 1 for Boole leaving 4...

N.B. new plans depend on working out what we need for new classrooms etc.


80/20 FTTC, 1Tb bandwidth/mo with Zen, see speedtest or [1]

We're getting a native IPv6 only ADSL connection thanks to Andrews & Arnold!


we have a /29 :, all are aliased on lo on boole, see /etc/iptable/rules for forwarding details


We have 6 Cisco 3502 Access points, current deployment:

  • AP1 - office/quiet room - now mounted properly, thanks User:Sully!
  • AP2 - classroom ceiling.
  • AP3 -
  • AP4 -
  • AP5 -
  • AP6 - spare

Layer 2

The phone line with FTTC on it come into the basement by the BT DP boxes, there is a Huawei EchoLife HG612 there which presents it as a pppoe session, that is patched by port 19 up to eth1 on boole which is the main router. The rest of the network is connected to eth0 on boole via the cisco2 switch (at the moment). There is a 2 port trunk configured on both the cisco switches to connect them, however cisco1 is not yet live, some surgery is needed in the quiet room cabinet to get it all to fit.

The 3com switch will go downstairs in the (now assembled rack) with a 2 port trunk via the 4 bits of cat5 that where run on tuesday night - they need terminating, and the rack needs power.

Also in the rack in the quiet room is a 12 port poe injector. it only does 100Mbit and seems to confuse auto-negotiation so cisco2 has had ports 1-5 configured with _speed 100_. Those first 5 ports are plugged into ports 1-5 of the poe injector, at the moment we are only using ports 1 and 2 for ap1 and ap2. We have 2 standalone poe injectors that might do gigabit - it would make sense to use them for ap2 at least since it will get the most traffic.


quiet room rack

  • upgrade ios on the switches
  • ra guard if we can, or use one of the linux things on boole.
  • 2nd 2 port trunk to go down to the basement rack
  • 2nd patch panel
  • terminate the 2 cables to outside the classroom
  • terminate the 4 cables to the basement - thanks Aden.
  • finish ground floor wireing
    • classroom east and south walls
    • main room south wall
  • fit everything into the rack
  • reattach doors and walls
    • maybe try sound proof tiles on the walls?
  • print out the patch panel port destinations and stick to the inside of the door and the wall under the rack

basement rack

  • rack power
  • attempt to recalibrate ups
  • ups in rack
  • patch panel in rack
  • terminate 4 cables from quiet room
  • 3com switch in rack
  • config a 2nd 2 port trunk on a switch in the quiet room
  • link everything together


  • get more a&a details when it happens
  • v6 all the things. (since our ip range will change we have to fix all the dns as well)
  • upgrade so we can get a 3.8 kernel, then patch with bufferbloat stuff


  • spacenet
  • reduce transmit power?
  • we may be getting a WLC :)

Pretty things

  • Get the bandwidth meter working again

physical layer cat5e wireing

Ground Floor

double patch panel

  • 1 - 2 office near window
  • 3 - 4 office under cab
  • 5 office under cab - single socket
  • 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 - classroom
  • 13 - 14 pillar near shower
  • 15 - 16 left of roller door
  • 17 - 18 rear wall of lobby
  • 27 - 28 office under cab
  • 29 - office under cab
  • 30-36 - classroom
  • 37,38 - doorbot
  • 39,40 - near door in office
  • 41,42 - classroom roof, 42 used for ap2
  • 43 - A outside classroom (classroom end not terminated)
  • 44 - B outside classroom (classroom end not terminated)

4 spaces left on the double patch panel!

2nd, 1U patch panel

  • 1-4 to ports 1-4 on patch panel in the basement rack, 1&2 used as a 2 port trunk to the 3com switch.


1U panel in basement rack

  • 1-4 to 1U panel 1-4 in ground floor rack, 1&2 used as a 2 port trunk to cisco1
  • rest currently empty :P

To be added

Quiet room
  • 1 x double socket and a quad - maybe not if we put shelving up.
South Wall Outside the Classroom
  • quad socket by tesla
  • quad socket by the table next to tesla

Both above serve tesla + babbage + printers + other bits

  • dual socket on the east side of the electronics bench
  • and another on the west side
  • dual socket somewhere by the door for future doorbot + other bits <- maybe a quad here?

All the above to go over new trunking, 14 cables.

  • sockets on north and west walls done!
  • East wall: 4 x double socket
  • South wall 3 double sockets

all 7 double sockets above to be fed from the trunking on the south side of the horizontal pillar thing along the ceiling == 14 cables, maybe too much to fit?


  • 19 - 20 on far wall near hose reel and phone dist boards.
  • 21 - 22 on wall on outside of lift plant room
  • 23 - 24 biohack basement on far wall.
  • 25 - 26 near fire hose pumps hidden behind the desk/counter

To be added

  • 1 x double socket near biohackers door for ac node/doorbot
  • 2 x double socket in each workshop for acnode
  •  ?

Total new sockets on the ground floor cabinet

4 between ground and basement 14 in the classroom 14 along south wall -- 32

= 28 new ports needed (4 spare on the existing panels).


5 doubles in the classroom 1 quad by tesla and babbage 1 double by tesla and babbage 1 quad by the door?

= 20 + 4 to the basement.