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Dishwasher (and time machine)

Starting the Dishwasher

  • Put a tablet or 2 spoons of powder - Powder should be in left cupboard beneath sink. This goes behind the flap in the door of the washing machine.
  • Check salt level.
    • If salt level low, put more salt in (should be next to washing powder under the sink). There's a panel inside the machine on the right.
    • Do not operate the dishwasher without salt.
  • If only glasses then move knob to 4 (otherwise leave alone - should be set to 1).
  • Push power button


  • The machine has finished when the knob has returned to 1 (the light remains on)
  • Push the button
  • If you have started to unload the dishwasher, please finish (otherwise people will get confused and mix clean and dirty stuff