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Processing Monitors from this donation.

apparently there were 33 monitors. nice rackmount got grabbed immiediately for super secret projects (twice ;)

Monitors that are labelled for someone: These all have external PSU if needed.

  • Kimball
  • M
  • Cepmender
  • Adrian Godwin
  • Gavan
  • Dave Ingram (x2 Matching)
  • James/ Hangfire
  • Billy
  • Bernard (someone can have mine. B)
  • Jonty
  • Hangfire/ j
  • Ytnoj

3 unallocated with PSUs.

Leaving 7 matching(ish) pairs with no PSU, plus 3 odd ones. The matching pairs are (2 different types of) "Video Seven L17PS" say it needs 19V DC 2.6A, the PSUs on the ones that are allocated say 19V DC 3.16A. plus another L17PS and two that need 12v (easier IMHO).

I'm taking a matching pair with one one PSU, with no intention of paying for them, so if you want to make a donation to the space or really need them, give me a shout.