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Contact: irc: tenyen on freenode email: tenyen@......,...

Hackspace related things I like to do:

  • S.hare A.nd E.njoy: with the Other Events section of the wiki.
  • Discourage top-posting.
  • Play Bubble Bobble.
  • Wombling/ recycling.

Hackspace To-Do (random order):

  • Learn to weld (by fixing a (thankfully portable) bed frame),
  • Learn how to use a JTAG'r (GoodFET?) to fix WRT, mod BT HomeHub etc.
  • Modify an AT(X) PSU to be a (variable?) Desktop PSU,
  • Promote Excellence.

Hack'ery Log:



  • 22nd: Briefly attended open evening to print plans for bicycle parking provision discussion. Very briefly, but most awesomely, played a little Bubble Bobble on the newly refurbished Beast. Made a fuss over a badly locked bike outside.
  • 16th: Attended knitting class.
  • 9th: Attended knitting class.
  • 2nd: Attended Machine Knitting class, worked on bike in workshop, stayed late to shift body-clock.


  • 25th: Came in super early to do bicycle parking site visit and Attended Machine Knitting class in Evening.
  • 18th: Attended Machine Knitting class, Impromptu talk and tasted some Honey


  • 28th?: Replaced batteries in Door bell wireless receiver.
  • 20th: Popped into social evening to use microwave and do some wiki editing.
  • 18th: Helped with the Restart Party at the Open day. Emptied all bins, cleaned up Electronics area.
  • 17th: Came in late to tidy up for the Open day. Emptied bins, found hoover contents in recycling bin, emptied and refactored. Tidied up Kitchen.
  • 15th: Came in for a free haircut from Nic. Hoovered woodworking area and emptied a bunch of bins.


  • 7th: Attended a most excellent SMD "Cooking" Workshop held by Vic Putz. Picked up bike tools from Aden, and lost property from RobC. Did some dishes, hoovered and mopped kitchen, cleaned a toilet sink, and took out all rubbish and recyling and rinsed recycling bins.
  • 4th: Delivered wombled loan chair after taking it for some sugru lovin at the How.Do party (and fixed a multimeter), printed some DNH stickers, failed to find Rob C's box (bottom/floor level on the right hand side of the second? row)?. Picked up some stuff including firewire to PATA housings from the 3week system.


  • 12th: Attended LHS 3.0 Open day and warming party.




  • 23 & 26th: attended Restart repair parties in Brixton and Camden.
  • 8th: Purchased OHM2013 ticket.
  • 5th: Helped clear out the offices as per this post.
  • NYE at the hackspace. Created WirelessBox



  • 8th: Attended a Talk held by the London Branch of the Newcomen Society for the History of Engineering and Technology about The centenary of Britain's first public automatic telephone exchange at The Science Museum. Found out about it via the Other Events page (Posted by AJP probably via an IET Mailing list or the Ian Visits Website? I didn't realise it was being held after (?and it over ran?) their AGM (so tried not to smirk about their problems with a bad webmaster). Very interesting talk by John Liffen. I felt massively outnumbered by significantly more mature people so was glad to see PD and MD at the end of the talk, so didn't feel like a complete interloper.
  • 6th: Came late to the social evening after attending funix for the first time this year. Documented Contents of Retro Console Drawer. James? taught me <ctrl><shift><t> in firefox after I *thought* I closed a window mid-edit; Awesome.


  • 2nd: Helped process 1st part of Monitor donations.