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Installing Bicycle Parking In the Yard of 447 Hackney Road:


We could really do with some better bicycle parking facilities. Tower Hamlets council has offered to install upto 20 places (10 loop "toast rack") for free.

All we have to do is agree (form some kind of consensus?) where to put them.

Mailing list thread is here:


In order of my preference:

1: South East corner by back door

3 or 4 hoop (the limiting factor is clearance for the drain covers) units lengthwise (East-West) next to the ramp leading up to back door.

  • Pros:
    • Close to the door for un/loading,
    • Least visibility from passers by on Emma St.
  • Cons
    • Perceived minor inconvenience? (taking less than 0.5seconds off your outbound trip? bareing in mind that the

doorbot is on the eastern side and its quite natural to walk down the ramp, and you will still be able to walk along the wall if your heading for the loading bay and beyond).

    • Takes up a nice piece of space??