2013 August Open Day/Restart Party

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A "Restart Party" as run by The Restart Project. Here is the Meetup page if you want to sign up and follow updates about the event.

Our first event in the "North Eastern Sector", ask us about the plans for more. . . .

Please come along and consider bringing:

  • Your enthusiasm to collaboratively troubleshoot and fix "consumer" electronics (no previous experience necessary, but a little research goes a long way, and if you even sound like you know what your doing you will be celebrated as a hero),
  • Party comestibles: There will probably be a BBQ and Bar and there usually is a supply of Club Mate (all to raise some funds for the space), but if you bring your own favourite party delicacy to share then all the better!
  • Your Friends and Family: Especially if they are "quiet types who like tinkering" and/or keen to learn.
  • Tools: We often bring some or our favourite, rare and most used tools and the hackspace has an incredible selection of equipment (and there is wireless internet access for everyone) so we probably won't want for 4-way strips, multimeters, soldering irons or bench power supplies but its very frustrating to not have that one tool you need to open/ fix your device*.
  • "Broken" or malfunctioning (inc "slow", etc) "consumer" electronics: So far we have helped fix a lot of computers and mobile phones, and other miscellaneous items like shredders, coffee grinders, mp3 players, headphones, lamps, kettles, radios etc.
  • Financial donations for The London Hackspace and Restart Project.

(*) If you know what you'll be bringing (tools, snacks or broken items) do RSVP (On the [Meetup], on twitter and/or here) and tell us, it helps to prepare, gets us excited and we may be able to help in advance. and don't forget to bring all the cables and accessories you may need to test you item.

So far the following people have confirmed support:

  • Ten,
  • Francis from The Restart Project,
  • David Mery of gizmonaut.net,
  • Alan from CommTech,
  • PaddyD,
  • Marc will help organise/facilitate
  • Janet and Ugo the Restart Founders.

It is now featured as confirmed on the restart projects calendar: http://therestartproject.org/events/

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