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First aid kit
Model Unknown
Sub-category Safety
Last updated 21 October 2021 19:03:35
Consumables Unknown
Accessories Unknown
Training link Unknown
ACnode No
Owner Unknown
Origin Unknown
Location Throughout the Hackspace

The Hackspace has two first aid kits in space.



Ground Floor

The ground floor first aid kit is located in the corridor. As you walk in through the front door you should see it on the left.

First Floor

The first floor first aid kit is located to the left of the main door as you look at it from inside the Hackspace.


The first aid kits should be inspected periodically to ensure everything is present and in date. Ideally a quick check of the void seals should be performed every month, and a full inspection quarterly.

Date Checked Type of Check Items Missing? Items Replaced?
12/01/2019 Full Check No N/A


This first aid kit is located on the wall on the ground floor, near the toilets.
The supposed contents of this first aid kit.
The actual contents of that first aid kit.
This box of first aid supplies is located on the shelf next to the electronics bench on the ground floor.