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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model HP DL380G5
Sub-category Systems
Status Good working order
Training requirement yes
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Origin Domation
Location Basement rack
Maintainers Sysadmin team

General use Hypervisor, currently using KVM/QEMU


  • IP:
  • DNS:
  • Access: Sysadmins


  • 2 Dual-core Xeons @ 3.0ghz
  • 18GB RAM
  • RAID10 on / ~123GB
  • RAID5 on /storage ~404G

libvm config

XML files are stored in /root at the moment. Will get around to sorting

Storage Pools

  • iso - /storage/isos - Boot and install media. Everyone has write permission
  • local - /storage/vms - Virtual drives stored on the local machine.


  • default - NATed network, works fine but won't give you an externally accessible IP or allow for PXE booting
  • bridge - Bridged network br0.

Current VMS


  • Date Created: 10/03/2014
  • IP:
  • CPUs: 4
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 200GB on local
  • Notes: Fragspace game server. Run by Velyks

How to:

Create a new VM

  1. Have a login to Lamarr via Ansible
  2. Install virt-manager
  3. Connect to Lamarr with your login. (Requires your key to be there as ID_RSA)
  4. Create a new VM on Lamarr. Use local to store the virtual drives
  5. Set suitable resources
  6. Set network to eth0
  7. Start and have fun
  8. Add it to this wiki page