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Box is located at: so9bo7: Apparently SamTheTechies stuff, but he's not doing anything about it. Jasper wants to give it a week and 3 week box it.

  • 3ft SMA Cable.
  • USB to serial adapter with gender changer
  • 3 * MIT-07-18 PoE injector AC to 18V
  • ITE AC to 48v PoE injector.
  • Sitecom Firewire PC Card
  • 6x Mini PCI wireless G cards
  • Bag of 6x Various Pigtails.
  • Insight MEMEC JTAG Cable Model IJC-2.
  • 5x Antenna.
  • 6x N-type connector.
  • 6x Pigtail
  • 4x Pigtail SMA to BNC?
  • 7x Pigtail.
  • Bag of Pigtails: bag says: 7x SMA to Hirose U.FL Conn, 9"
  • Bag including 6x Mini-Circuits Power Splitter ZN2P-9G-S 1700-9000MHz & 3xAntenna Adapters
  • Hyperlink Technologies Model: HG2412P Mini Panel Antenna. Fire Damaged, but apparently OK.
  • Hyperlink Technologies Model HG2408P frequency 2400-2500 gain 7.5dBi
  • Soekris net4501. was Jaspers, he's disowning it.
  • 6x "Something" Branded APs. MIMOS
  • Spare board for the above?
  • 2x WLAN A0044 4106-2008 Rugged enclosure with built in antenna and board as above APs.

and a few other bits and pieces.