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Computing and Networking Group

There has been some discussion on the mailing list and IRC about forming a group for studying Computing and Networking.

I've created this page so we can gauge interest and create a central location to document questions, suggestions and concerns.

Suggested Activities

  • I propose we build a small physical Cisco Lab of Router and switches. In the ideal world this would be accessible from outside the space by scheduling training slots and logging in via a console server. There would be an element of programming involved with setting this up. The lab would be powered off when not in use. Ideally this would be remote controlled.
There has been some suggestions that a Cisco Lab can be entirely virtualised. Has anyone got any experience with VIRL that can advise on this being viable?
  • I'd like to build some virtualised networking labs with other users, E.G connect my network to theirs. Advanced users could configure ISP style networks, and beginners could create more simple networks and connect them to the 'ISPs'


I personally have no real preference on when the group meets. It might be mutually beneficial to meet on the same day as the Linux User Group as the two topics are similar, but this would depend on room and what other members prefer.

What we need before we can get started

Before we get started we need-

  • There needs to be enough demand to make the group viable
  • We need people who can teach, as well as people who want to learn
  • We need to think about what equipment we need, and get consent of the other members to store it
  • We need to pick a night to meet on, again with other members consent.

Interested Members

Before we start anything it would be useful to find out how many members are interested, what they're looking to get from the group, and what they can contribute. If you're interested, please add your details to the table below. If you're not familar with Mediawiki tables, just dump your info below the table, and hopefully some one can add it to the table for you

Member Name Member Interests Member Contributions
  • I'd like to gain a Cisco CCNA
  • I'd like to experiment with creating large networks with several members

Proficient with-

  • Linux based OS's
  • KVM virtualisation
  • Mikrotik Router OS
  • VoIP and Asterisk
I'm willing to donate-
  • 1x Cisco 1841 Router
  • 3x Cisco 26XX Routers
  • 3x Cisco 2950 Switches
  • 1x Moxa 5610 16 Port Console Server
  • 2x Mikrotik RB532 Router Board's and Wifi cards (Requires antennas for Wifi Operation)

I'd also to be happy to try and procure more modern gear. I could also provide training on-

  • Linux Basics
  • Virtualisation with Linux KVM
  • VoIP and Asterisk
  • Networking Basics
  • Mikrotik Router OS
Brent Learning networking basics, and related knowledge areas like Linux KVM virtualisation. Hands-on with some physical setup sounds good for learning (as well as virtualisation and remote access options) Basic linux knowledge, Assorted networking kit (baseswitch, cisco 800, home routers, etc.
JPoser Get a basic understanding of networking Reasonable Linux skills, Enthusiasm
Antonio Angelov
Jasper Radius, LDAP, 802.11x, BGP, stuff in general. Vairous bits of LHS cisco kit.