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We are a club for people interested in woodworking, carpentry and cabinet making in London.

We meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm in the basement workshop. During the club nights, we make stuff out of wood, practice joints, such as mortice and tenon or dovetail joints, work on projects together or independently and learn new skills.

(Note that this wiki page is not always up to date, if in doubt the more authoritative source is our website at

Getting in touch

If you would like to do some woodwork at the London Hackspace and use our tools, please join the PL(A)YWOOD google group and introduce yourself!

More information about the group will be added here in due course, we already have a website up and running at

You can also follow us on Twitter for announcements and other updates: @playwood_co.

Our woodworking tools

We have a range of hand tools which are available to members, including saws, chisels, planes, marking out equipment, as well as the equipment of the London Hackspace.

Our initial equipment was funded by our members with a very successful pledge for woodworking tools. We are now also starting to receive tool donations by people who want to support our activities.

Joining the group

You should first become a member of the London Hackspace if you would like to visit more regularly. Rent in London is surprisingly expensive...

Benefits of joining the PL(A)YWOOD group (which is free) include:

  • Access to a full set of quality, well looked after Woodworking_Hand_Tools
  • 5% discount at Axminster Tools
  • Become part of a friendly group of fellow woodworking fans
  • Join an existing project
  • Learn how to sharpen, maintain and look after tools

Responsibilities of joining include:

  • Treating the tools with respect
  • Voluntarily 'adopting a tool'
  • Helping keep the wood pile and workshops clean and tidy