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I kind of guessed using paintbrushes to be self explanatory but for those who don't know how to clean them, here's a small guide:-


  • Don't dip the brush right into the paint, it ruins the bristles, the paint should never get close to the ferrule (the metal ring)
  • Use a glass jar to wash them (there is one in the paint area), you can beat them about inside vigorously without worrying about it tipping over
  • Don't just wave them about in the water, be vigorous, make sure the brush is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Don't grind the brush against the bottom of the jar, this will instantly fuck it.
  • Don't leave the brush in the water at all ever ever ever, once you stop cleaning it take it out and lie it flat or stand it up in the brush stand with the bristles up, if you leave it in the water the bristles will become squashed and it will make the brush useless.


  • Same as above, but use white spirit instead of water, then wash the white spirit off with warm soapy water



  • Use the appropriate thinner/turps instead of water, then wash the turps off with warm soapy water

Again, don't have thinner/turps? Don't use oils.


  • Certain types of paint thinner react with some plastic containers so always use glass jars with paint thinners when washing. You don't want it melting on you while you're using it.

Also, think on the job you're doing, is it something rough? Use one of the crappier brushes, that way when people come to do nice detailed things the nice brushes will be usable.