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If you can list any of the things that could get moved here that'd be grand. If you're willing to volunteer get it prepped to move and potentially help us load/unload it that'd also be amazing.

Things to be moved pre move:

  • Stratasys
  • Dishwasher in social room
  • Chest of Drawers on top of said dishwasher
  • Pile of servers/network/comms kit under and on top of the desks in the quiet room.
  • Carpet rolls in quiet room, unless the quiet room carpet is to be replaced
  • Non-functioning lathes
  • Knitting machine (strictly speaking this is usable, but not very likely to be used)
  • Large format printer / plotter (not the vinyl cutters, the big green/grey thing)
  • Boxed beer glasses
  • Some of the club mate stock
  • Vending machine
  • Large items in the member's area, with their owner's approval
  • Contents of room (toilet) behind laser cutter
  • Large sheet materials near fire exit
  • Light box used for post table
  • Arcade machine