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*Unreal Tournament '99
*Unreal Tournament '99
*Unreal Tournament 2004
*Unreal Tournament 2004
*COD 2
*COD 2
*[http://renegade-x.com Renegade-X]
*[http://renegade-x.com Renegade-X]

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What is it?

London Fragspace is an event group for the LAN parties that are being held at the London HackSpace.

Next Event

  • 31st December 8pm till 1st January Early morning
  • London Hack Space Classroom
  • Spaces for around 15 people
  • No entry free
  • First come, first serve

Previous Events

Date Name
01-JAN-2014 Dogelan


Standard Hackspace rules apply plus the following:

  • Don't abuse the network, or in any way make it unusable for other hackspace users.
  • Keep nerd rage to the non-offensive kind.
  • Headphones please! No speakers.
  • Be sensible about noise. This is still a work space.
  • Don't take up more than one table. If we have a lot showing up we may need to budge up to two per table.

Things to Bring

  • Computer/Laptop
  • All associated cables/mice/keyboards/headphones
  • 4-way power extension cable
  • Network/patch cable of sufficient length
  • Snacks and drink (there will be plenty for sale at the event too!)
  • OS disc/image and associated drivers, because if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Game Suggestions

Free to Play

Retro / obscure

  • Quake - custom ctf, airquake
  • Homeworld
  • I-War2? (never really got the chance to play this in MP)
  • Dungeon Keeper
  • Natural Selection 1/2
  • Sanctum 1/2
  • The Ship