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To become a member of the London Hackspace, please complete the sign-up form and setup a standing order.


The following benefits are available to members of the London Hackspace. Currently you will need to ask one of the directors to set them up for you after your first standing order payment has been received. The benefits are not provided automatically so you will need to ask.


  • 24/7 access to the space using an RFID card of your choosing with our door entry system.
  • Personal storage at the Hackspace.
  • Discounted rates on selected events and workshops.
  • A warm glow in your heart for actively contributing to the London Hacking community.




  • A picture of your beautiful self on our members page.
  • A new God to worship.

Things to do

  • Please contribute to the news, it is "published" every Wednesday, ish. You can find the latest draft page here.


Stored member

London Hackspace members are allocated one plastic box in for storage of personal items. Your personal box can be considered 'off-limits' to other members and visitors - within reason.

Storage boxes must be labelled with the member's name and should be left in the dirty shop storage area.

It goes without saying that the space should not be held responsible for any items left in your personal box.

Planned facility

Box specifications:

  • Dimensions (H × W × D)
    • Maximum external dimensions: 260 mm × 360 mm × 460 mm
    • Maximum usable internal rectangular volume: 235 mm × 275mm × 310 mm (46% of external dimensions! sub-optimal)
  • Volume: 30 L
  • The item: BigDug, VUB30