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* Presentation of @Projectfungus by Howard
* Presentation of @Projectfungus by Howard
* + Arduino projects
* + Arduino projects

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NOT JUST ARDUINO #2 22nd October - LHS

15 participants

Add your links, contribute to the wiki and document actively your projects.

1 - Hello world News and projects

2 - People teamed up on this projects:

  • weather Station - to feed into openweather map and cosm (Deanforbes)
  • RFID reader/writer : RFID module Kit 13.56 Mhz SPI Write and Read For Arduino (Necati)
  • Robotic Arm with Kinect 3D "Vision" - Have arduino control a robotic arm and have input from Microsoft Kinect's infrared depth sensor to guide the arm to pick stuff (Ulisses)
  • Build a simple ethernet driven relay (2x) (Dario)
  • Object detection - begin with RFID and then go on to explore other options with longer ranges (Kieron)

Apparently Necati and Dean had some success with their projects so guys please let us know and update your project page on the wiki!

3 - Next meeting 5th November 7pm (venue tbc) Programme:

  • Git Hub - Documenting / versioning workflow by Tim
  • Presentation of @Projectfungus by Howard
  • + Arduino projects