Not Just Arduino Event 5

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Not Just Arduino event #5 - Monday 3rd December

Tim's GitHub presentation reported to January

Hi-tech Kitchenware demo/talk by Music Hackspace

Susanna and Martin from [| Music Hackspace] came to present the Arduino based creations from the Hi-tech Kitchenware workshop they organised the previous day.

how to make punchy electronic music with your kitchenware?

The music hackspace has a of workshops using electronics

LED Notification board - group project

This is our group project, please read the documentation and get involved!

We're using 3 or 4 DE-DP10XV110 Green LED Dot Matrix available in the space to build a new LED notification board.

New links for tutorials and libraries: (tks to Sue and Artag):


Tutorials on LED Matrix

Please add your name, links and suggestions on the project page.

Group order page for Teensy USB 3.0 boards

Add your name on the page if you want to join the group order for Teensy USB 3.0 boards:

New group: Video Hackspace

Fabrizio talked about a new hackspace group he created: Video Hackspace

The London Video Hack Space is a place to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, technologies, processes and aesthetics on video. We welcome artists, engineers, students, and everyone interested in any video technology.

VideoHackspace Kick-off @ Juno (Shoreditch): The presentation of the Group will take place at 7Pm @ Juno (Shoreditch)

Suggestions, ideas, links? Please add here

Next event

Next event: 17th December 2012 7pm (venue tbc, probably Hackspace)

Logo for NJA

Other sub groups have cool logos, feel free to create one for NJA!


As they other London Hackspace groups, you need to include the "H" logo (yes the one in the top left corner).