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I do science, with LAYZORS.


contact : ciaran [[dot}} mooney [[at}}

To Do

Will gladly accept help and advice for completing the following.

  • Finish my binary clock
  • Make Cigar Box Guitars
  • Build a wormery - Bought one instead, good ol' Barnet got me ~30% off.
  • Build "Charging Box" for various gadgets.
  • Build Solar Charger (lead-acid, non-portable).
  • Sew new panniers
  • Build a simple/cheap and open-sourced solution spectrometer for schools.
  • Build a rep-rap.
  • Sew an apron for cooking, for working on bicycle and for the girlfriend.

To Learn

  • Mathematics
  • A Spoken Language
  • How to use an arduino and/or microcontrollers.

Things Done at the Hackspace

Things I would have been unable to do anywhere else.

  • Repaired my panniers fabric mounting, with manly rivets and hand-cut sheet metal.
  • Made a binary clock with Arduino
  • Learnt how to use an Arduino
  • Learnt some C/C++
  • Made a USBtinyISP from Adafruit, with some help from fellow member Napalm.
  • Designed and laser cut a picture frame for Girlfriend's Xmas Present
  • Printed Owl headphone wraps, and a Queen chess piece on the laser cutter.
  • Sewed a spanner/tool holder on the sewing machine.
  • Repaired the clips my panniers.
  • Failed to make a "clapper switch".
  • Made a King chess piece on the Makerbot