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London Hackspace Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Statutory information can be found at


Main article: Trustees


A PDF of our constitution is on the main website. It outlines the objectives and structure of the organisation, the role of trustees (directors), the proceedings of our General Meeting, and other affairs.

The objects of the LHS (as mandated by our constitution) are:

  1. to promote and encourage technical, scientific, and artistic skills through social collaboration and education; and
  2. to provide and maintain shared community workspace and equipment in Greater London.

For notes on previous revisions see:

Various legislation, compliance, etc

  • As a not-for-profit, we do not need to register with the Information Commissioner for our members list. We do not process any other personal data.
  • The list of members names is available to any other member. We may need to provide the members register to a member or non-member if requested for a suitable purpose, but we'd probably ask a lawyer or court to advise on whether the purpose is suitable or not.
  • We're not currently VAT registered, as subscriptions and donations are exempt, so we have very little VATable income.
  • We have Public Liability Insurance, as that's a legal requirement (with whom?)