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This is a project to improve our ability to have a decent coffee fix.


Minimum viable product: a decent cup of espresso.

Real aim: we should be able to get pretty reasonable milk & espresso based drinks.


  • added a handle to the lid lid on top of the coffee machine - from an old coffee maker so it looks appropriate too
picture of improved lid showing new handle taken from a broken bialetti style coffee maker
picture of improved lid in place on top of coffee machine


  • the coffee machine isn't so reliable - probably because it gets limescale?
  • we don't have a decent tamper for pressing down the coffee
  • we don't have a decent grinder
  • don't know where to get decent coffee
  • not the right gear for doing milk stuff
  • cleaning the area and the machine.
  • not enough income

Planned ideas

make or acquire a tamper

Coffee tamper's can be bought but that's probably cheating. Here's a design, maybe we can use a lathe?

blender rendered picture of a proposed coffee tamper design
blender rendered picture of a proposed coffee tamper design

make or acquire a grinder

grinders are important so this is where we have a definite challenge. Maybe we can find a cafe that's closing? Actually making a grinder needs very precise machining of two big lumps of metal.

improve coffee machine

We have a nice machine alreadyEquipment/Gaggia Coffee Machine but it maybe has minor problems.

  • it's difficult to put water in - need to stick a handle on the top - fixed - see above
  • it seemed to get clogged up - probably limescale - need to clean & debug - someone did this.

I have an old machine it might be worth attempting to repair so we have a spare. I'm going to bring it in and see what can be done. Majkl (talk) 09:27, 26 June 2016 (BST)

It looks as shown in the picture

picture of Gaggia Baby Class D which I will bring into space soon


improve coffee supply

  • better instructions for where to buy?
  • more visible Chthulu?


  • Michael / majkl / started this

Everyone interested in helping / donating / pledging donations please either add yourself here or contact Michael

Where (to get good coffee)

  • the coffee roasters (square mile coffee ?) on Emma Street ? -Recommended from the mailing list
  • Neal's yard? - Used to be good.
  • locally?


  • Page created today Majkl (talk) 09:27, 26 June 2016 (BST)
  • Things will go slowly but surely
  • probably never finish everything.