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Inventory system

Members roberthl, ms7821
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We'd like to have an inventory system for cataloguing the space's equipment and supplies.

For now we're going to see how the Inventory page evolves, and then look in to what enhancements we need to make - if any.


Here are some ideas I've had for the project, would appreciate comments. --Robert 13:33, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

The primary goal is to produce a flexible system for people who have an interest in keeping the inventory system up to date and comprehensive, while at the same time making it so people who don't care can accomplish what they need to in as little time as possible.

The application is centred around one list that contains all equipment, components, etc.
The list is composed of items.
All items have one category.
For example
Each item has properties common to all item types, and ones unique to its category.
For example (common)
Wiki page
Date acquired
Identification description
For example (unique to "Components")
Reorder URL
Reorder Price
Items can be placed in to one or more queues, and can appear in queues multiple times (providing there is only one unresolved occurrence), to be processed at a later point.
For example
Stock check
Queue items
Linked to a regular item (extension of), but with the additional properties "Resolution" and "Resolution date" and attached to a queue.
Similar objects can be linked together, this can be resolved recursively up to a limit.
All changes appear in a log with a change description, previous value, new value, user, and time.