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Following a discussion regarding an inventory system we decided to use a wiki page for now, and consider expanding it if we decide we want more advanced features.


Tools and equipment

Computer equipment

Name Quantity
Dell E151FPp 15" LCD Monitor 1
Apple 20" LCD Monitor 1
Apple 23" LCD Monitor 1
Creative Inspire 5.1 5300 1
Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 v1.0 1
Logitech Premium Optical Wheel Mouse 1
Dell RT7D50 Keyboard 1
Dell M-UAN DEL1 Mouse 1
Lovelace 1
Babbage 1
Flowers 1
Robot Camera 1
Mouse Mat 1

3D Printing

Name Quantity
Makerbot Cupcake CNC 1


Name Quantity
Model 1502 Digital Multimeter 1
Fluke 8010A Digital Multimeter 1
Weir 460 Power Supply 1
Rapid 85-1901 Switching Mode Power Supply (currently broken, power FETs Q7 and Q8 failed short) 1
Kada 852D SMT Solder Station 1
A29FF Maginfier Lamp 2
Helping Hands w/ Magnifying Glass 2
Fume Extractor 426DLX 1
Philips PM3365A Digital Oscilloscope 1
Aoye 328 Working Platform 1
HP 1650A Logic analyser 1
HP 1661C Logic analyser 1


Name Quantity
4-way Power Extension Lead 6
6-way Power Extension Lead 1
39" Whiteboard 1
Carbon Dioxide 2kg Fire Extinguisher 1
Massive Art 40W Lamp 1
A3 Double Sided Cutting Mat 1
A2 Cutting Mat 2


Name Quantity
Dahle Personal Trimmer 22" (Guilotine) 1


Name Quantity
Singer Sewing Machine 1
Toyota Model 2260 Sewing Machine 1


Name Quantity
Yamaha Music Synthesiser SY55 1
Yamaha EZ Learning Guitar EZ-AG 1


Name Quantity
Leather Two Seat Sofa 1
Fabric Two Seat Sofa 1
Long Pink Beanbag 1
Square Black Beanbag 1
Binary Pillows 2


Name Quantity
Panasonic Qunitrix 31" Television 1
Xbox 1
Slimline PS2 1
Disco Ball 1
LED DMX Light (small) 2
LED DMX Light (big) 1
NEO style video game cabinet 1


Name Quantity


Name Quantity
Hinari Lifestyle Microwave 1
Dualit Cofee Maker 1
LEC Elan Fridge (Kegerator) 1
Carawell Bar Fridge 1
Kettle 1

Stocked components

Component Restock Qtty. Needs restocking
Toilet paper 6 No
Kitchen towel 4 No
Washing up liquid 2 No
Hand soap 4 No

Small Hardware Items (Fixings Etc)

draft list

Component Needs restocking
Machine Screws Yes
Hose Clips Yes
Split pins Yes
Hex Nuts & Bolts Yes
Self-tapping Screws No (?)
Washers, Rubber Yes
Washers, Steel There is a maplin selection box+random collection + apparently some bags of washers have been ordered
Lock Nuts Yes
Wing Nuts Yes
Hex Nuts Yes
Machine Screws & Nuts [1] Yes
'O' Rings Yes
Mixed Nails Yes

Inventory System

Requirements in order of priority:

  1. Reordering info
  2. QR codes for identification in DB
  3. Categories/descriptions for physical location
  4. Descriptions for identification in DB
  5. Related objects
  6. Purchase history & depreciation information
  7. Ownership (some items are are long-term loan)
  8. Tagging