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This is a $500 ish VR helmet, supposed to be being kickstartered soon:

John Carmack and the Rift:


This is a place for planning what we do with the display(s) and thinking about things like 3d printing custom made-to-fit-your-face adaptors for the display(s).

Pledge here: Pledges/OcculusRift

Pledge complete. The kickstarter has been funded. The rift is due in the space in December.

Possible projects

  • Welcome to Mars - With Curiosity due to touch down soon, wouldn't it be nice if you could walk around mars alongside it?
  • The Horror - Film willing space members playing "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" in immersive VR. Stereoscopic drivers are available.
  • Lawnmower man window manager. "This is Unix, I know this". Herp.
  • Multiple members have ordered dev kits. Doom 3 BFG deathmatch night. This isn't a real project, I just want it to happen at least once.