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A Sort of a tree made of VESA mount arms with screens on it.


Art. (Don't question the art).


User:Sci and User:JasperWallace and you as well!


Suggested content for screens

  • HAL 9000/Matrix/Flying toaster screensavers (or any other vintage screen savers)
  • Feeds from the space's IRC and Twitter [1] channels
  • Waterfall visualisation of amateur radio bands (via SDR) - see Group:Amateur_Radio
  • - needs flash player, may be possible to hack it to work under linux - works with gnash, a bit lame tho (splash screen advertising the full version).
  • ... add your own here!


Work in progress, more screens and the means to drive them needed.

Looking on ebay the NVS280 is one choice of PCI card, the NVS400 gives 4 outputs and may be more cost effective. Splitter cables are an issue tho (these are DMS-59 splitters, the connector on the card is NOT DVI tho it looks a lot like it) :/

Potentially useful Links