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An electronic / electrical engineer by day, and whatever else I can do to forget work by night.

Sort-of knows about

  • general electronics/electronical things (including tangents; logic, cryptography, semiconductors/VLSI, renewable energy stuff, other).
  • php, C, python, VBA, VHDL.
  • AVR uC's and programming of.
  • websites/commerce/paypal/ebay.
  • laser cutter (since learning recently).
  • basics in woodwork / metal work - this is an area I want to learn loads more about.


  • mainly: trying anything new.
  • acrobatics.
  • juggling.
  • unicycling.
  • women (juggling unicycling women, even better).
  • other things + 11 shades of the usual (music, alcohol, etc).

Would like to learn more about

  • Wood / Metal working. Welding especially!
  • SEO.


If I should happen to know anything about something that you would like to know something about, get in touch;

  • (yes, i did think it was really cool that it made a phrase. right before i realised it wasn't).
  • 07982 715928.

--Kevinb456 19:28, 29 November 2010 (UTC)