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I'm a rocket scientist, dude! Well, almost. I did spent quite a chunk of my life devoted to particle physics.

These days I have a full-time job as quant developer, coding analytics in C++ and dreaming of making the jump to a freer lifestyle.

If you've done the jump before or have common interests, I'd love to talk to you!

Cool stuff

Sadly my full-time job is now taking most of my awake time. This means my free time is now spent away from computers and desks...

That said I've been picking up photography quite enthusiastically again lately!

  • Interests:
    • Photography (film & digital)
    • Cycling
    • Amateur radio (Callsigns: M0GXD, EA4FYQ)
    • Math, finance & statistics
    • Outdoors, trekking, climbing
    • Coffee!
  • Projects on hold:
    • Play with the Z80 CPU
    • Design&build a vintage-style computer based on the Z80
    • Learn Ruby on Rails, Clojure, SQL
  • Completed projects:
    • Built a PockeTerm
  • At some point...
    • Homebrewing
    • Coffee roasting

My other selfs

twitter github flickr finitud at gmail dot c-o-m