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Alice Wyan
Email Address
Twitter @wyan
IRC wyan
Member of

Amateur Radio


I'm a rocket scientist OMG! Well, I did spent quite a chunk of my life devoted to particle physics...

I've just started a new job doing all sorts of virtualisation and cloud computing stuff. In the past I've also been a Ruby developer and a quant.

Cool stuff

Just started a job building CloudFoundry related stuff, learning lots of interesting things and honing my unix and ruby-fu. Luckily I still find the time to do some Clojure in my spare time, sing in a community choir, and learn to play the pipe organ. I'm also getting into electronic music and synths.

  • Programming (Ruby and Clojure mainly)
  • Music, especially contemporary organ music and improvisation, minimalism, and counterpoint
  • Web development (Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS, JS, Sinatra...)
  • Photography (film & digital)
  • Arduino
  • Amateur radio (Callsigns: M0GXD, EA4FYQ)
  • Outdoors, trekking, climbing
  • Coffee and beer
Current projects
  • Getting to plug my MIDI controllers to overtone and make it do music for me
  • Getting the weather station to tweet LHS car park weather updates
  • Learning Clojure and node.js
Projects on hold
  • Maths! (Algebra and Number Theory mainly)
  • Play with the Z80 CPU
  • Design&build a vintage-style computer based on the Z80
  • Darkroom photography
  • Common Lisp
  • Build a lisp for the arduino
Previous projects
  • Tiny web forum in Common Lisp
  • PockeTerm
At some point...
  • Homebrewing
  • Coffee roasting
  • Getting serious about studying counterpoint

My other selfs