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Equipment/Weather station

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Weather Station
Weather station.jpg
Sub-category General
Status Under construction
Last updated 5 October 2013 20:15:04
Training requirement No
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Origin Pledge
Location Rear car park & Above internet gauge

Jonty Wareing

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Wireless weather station with USB output acquired by pledge. Protocol has been reverse engineered by the PyWWS project, and we'll be using this to serve the data onto the network for everyone to use.


  • Someone should take some...

Specification & documentation

  • Touchscreen wireless weather forecaster with USB link, sold by Maplin.
  • Will be connected to the network for monitoring and usage by other systems using the lovely reverse engineered PyWWS code.


While the weather station has been installed, it has yet to be connected to a raspberry pi (or other machine) and had code written to serve data onto the network.


10th June 2013 (jonty)

Jonty installed the weather station up a 3m pole next to the back gate, with the help of Paddy and Charles. The receiver is on top of the internet gauge and needs raspberry-pi-ing.

24th August 2013 (wyan)

I have installed pywws on tesla and have checked that it communicates with the weather station.

It should be possible to configure udev correctly so that root access is not required -- I have (loosely) followed the instructions here, including adding the user tesla to the weather group, but it doesn't work straight out of the box (in particular, there is no /dev/usb/ directory).

Other useful resources:

Update: I have downloaded the data in the weather station, data is in tesla@tesla:~/wyan/weather/data. Next steps:

I have also created a twitter account @LHS_Weather to tweet weather updates.

5 October 2013 (wyan)

The receiver is now connected to babbage. Downstairs, the receiver has no signal from the base.