Weekly Open Evenings

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Next Weekly Public Open Evening
24 May 2022 at 19:00
Our weekly meeting, where people would normally hang out and hack on projects, socialise and collaborate. Bring beer/snacks/beverages if you like.


Our weekly meeting, where people hang out and hack on projects, socialise and collaborate. Bring beer or other beverages, or snacks if you like.


Every Tuesday from around 7:00pm until people go home; which is generally very late.


Our space in Wembley. 388 High Road Wembley HA9 6AR.

Nearest Train/Tube Stations: Wembley Central served by London Overground and Bakerloo Underground lines and Wembley Stadium served by Chiltern Railways.

Several TfL bus routes stop nearby.


Everyone is welcome, both members and non-members. It tends to be a nice mix of regulars, irregulars and new faces.


  • Simply to take a look around, see the Laser Cutter, etc. and have a chat.
  • Because you want to hack on projects but don't get time.
  • Because you need help with something.
  • Because you want to see the space and play with our equipment before becoming a member.
  • Because we have tools you need to use that you don't have at home.
  • Because you just want to hang out with like minded people.
  • Because you want to get involved with the organisation of the London Hackspace.


We used to go to a nearby pub, but given our new space is so lovely we tend to stay there and consume all the beer on the premises.

Sometimes, we go to the pub when we run out of beer on the premises.

What happens?

  • Other stuff. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

You can find photos of some of the stuff we've done in our Hackspace Flickr Pool.

I can't make Tuesdays

Some people have to wait months until they can make a Tuesday. If this is the same for you then jump on the mailing list and ask to see when anyone's free on a different day to show you round the space.