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The welding equipment is run and maintained by the Metalbashers.

Given the limited amount of time the Metalbashers can devote to training please do not anticipate that you will get training "on demand".

As a start please review these two videos on basic and advanced MIG..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzBGZaS1apw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMdQT-eswYY

Please do not base the planning of any project, especially academic projects for examinations, on the anticipation of getting

  • Welding Training
  • Practice time
  • Access to the HackSpace welding equipment at any specific point in time

Given the single welding station and lack of trainers, we have found that best way to get initial training for new welders, or people who are coming back to welding, is to go to the introductory welding sessions run by Adam at Can of Gas, Details here.


Once you have attended one of the courses we can then spend a little time to get you up and running on the work equipment.

The welding space can only accommodate one project at a time and its on a first-come first-served basis. There is only a limited amount of MIG welding gas provided by HS, and no Argon. You will have to provide your own gas if you want to complete any significant projects. This also includes other consumables such as electrodes, welding gloves and other protection.

The journey through this equipment will usually start with MMA or Stick for the basic skills and the move on to MIG and perhaps TIG, based on progress with the easier techniques and completed projects. Previous demonstrable experience will be taken into account.

Black Horse Workshop also offer training.


Further courses can be found here...


The care and training of this equipment is carried out by the metal working group.

Below are people who have had training on the welding equipment.

Trained Welders by Technique (possibly not up to date)

Trained welders
Member Stick MIG TIG Trained/Assessed by
Ben Vaughan Yes Yes No Des
Dean Yes Yes Yes Liam
Des Quilty Yes Yes Yes Liam
Eugene Yes Yes No Des
Hamish Yes No No
Hipster Yes Yes No
Ilya Yes Yes No Des
Ian Henderson Yes Yes Yes
James Beyer Yes Yes Yes
Jose Yes No No
Katrina Yes No No Des
Ken Wyatt Yes No No Des
Laurie Baggett Yes No No Des
Liam Yes Yes Yes Dean
Maria Yes Yes No
Mark Steward Yes Yes No Des
Matt Yes Yes No
Patrick Pater Yes No No Des
Russ Yes Yes Yes Liam
SCI Yes Yes No
Sid Charity No Yes No Ben Vaughan
Tim Stephens No Yes No Des
Tom Greer Yes Yes Yes
Tom Hodder No Yes No Russ (mig)
Vlad Yes No No Des
Zack Osbourne Yes Yes No Des
Zingzilar Yes Yes No