CCC Camp 2011/StuffWotWeGotLernd

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* Organise stuff collectively earlier
** People to confirm attendance earlier?
*** Is this a dig at me? if so, fair play... I did, after all, decide on the day to go
* Rent marquee on location (don't take one) - we need a communual space
** Gazebo / Tarp strung over tents is good for shade from sun/rain
* Make sure you have transport - don't get your van repainted just before
** Camping when you can only carry 20kG is annoying. Road trip? Load up with everything you bring
** Bring tons of equipment and things - everyone else does (both camping wise and hacking wise)
*** Maybe a small set of electronic components? Never know when they'll come in handy
*** Soldering iron is a must
* Bring a stove. For boiling water if nothing else. Perhaps we could bring a whole kitchen like millaways?
** Not necessarily gas powered. There is mains everywhere (although you don't want to overload it) 
*** Overloading it is quite easy, lets take calor gas equipment
* Plates/Cups would be handy
** Paper ones, washing up is a pain
* Network cable and power cable - perhaps reels of both+8p8c connectors+trailing sockets+UK and euro plugs
* English/British things
** Tea (+milk)
** Pimms
** Cucumber sandwiches
** Cream teas
* Camping with mains power is completely different
** No need for torches - plug in lights!
*** Or take power LEDs+an ATX PSU
** No need for gas cookers - kettles/hot rings
*** People won't be happy if everyone uses electrical heaters, power is limited and diesel isn't free.
** Build a clicker beforehand
* Keep a closer eye on pedobear
* For better results, rub Cognac into Alex's head with vigour
** Thanks Glen.

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