CCC Camp 2011

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10-14 August 2011. Let's go.

Camp setup/teardown timeline here

Photos from the event

Crypts photos

People possibly going

Definitely going

People who have tickets

  • Ms7821
  • Jasper (has preordered)
  • OctD'Cassi, (unaffiliated) traveling with a van from Scotland, will be in London the week prior (Contact - IRC).
  • inkey
  • Martin (Crypt)
  • Big Kate (unaffiliated) coming from Oxford planning to be there for setup and teardown
  • Tenyen
  • Paul (10th-14th)
  • yuwei
  • BOfH
  • Clefty
  • Nathan
  • alecjw


Batch booking

Event information [ here].

more info: twitter, field day, more.

Tickets are now Available

This page gives a breakdown of the different tickets.

Presale tickets are 140 euros which is about 123 quid last time I checked [1]

N.B. although the event officially starts on the 10th, the setup and tear down can be an awesome experience.


Our effective options are:

  • Air
  • Train

Cheap train tickets here:

more options:

Btw: if you're going directly to the camp and can go as a group of 6 or more there are 30%+ discounts here:

and if you look on the camp wiki there is a special camp ticket, i don't know what works out with a better price tho.

  • Road

Glen2's van is broken, OctD'Cassi might still have room.

[OctD'Cassi] I have two seats, one is taken and the other is provisionally booked by Chris Henson. So anyone looking now, I probably won't be able to help you, sorry.


There is a space in the clean workshop under the table below the network-switches, that will be for any equipment anyone wants brought to the camp, I [OctD'Cassi] will be driving it all over on the 8th.

If you put anything there Put a label on which Identifies who put it there and who it has to go to at the camp (if different). and give me heads up [msg me on IRC] or catch me at the space.


Well it's called CCC "Camp" for a reason, so get your tents ready. If you have a tent or willing to lend one to a fellow member add your name and tent specs below.

  • Kussic [1 One person test, 1 Two/Three person tent (free)]
  • Harry [1 Two person tent]
  • Jasper now has a tent, but spare sleeping bag - i can't find it!, also has own camp bed. I might get a tent.
  • If theres a car going I'm up for building a geodesic dome tent out - tomw
  • Also up for building a geodesic - iamdanw
  • SamLR [1 two person tent, if I can find it and it's OK]
  • Artag isn't going but has a couple of small tents available for loan (referred to here as the 'original green version')


We should totally organise a village. Maybe collaborate with the other UK spaces to bring up the numbers a bit? Have a space reserved on the CCC wiki feel free to edit with any more info you think relevent

I've added the citizens list template thing and added myself, it's looking a little empty with just me!

The MicroRave Crew will also be representing.

Glorious learnings for next year

Stuff wot we got lernd