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  • Language- Python
  • Server- Twisted. Also does pyserial
  • student database information - sqllite
  • Some form of templating system would probably be good - divmod nevow?
  • pySerial is currently a file-reading based interface. Investigate the twisted layer on top of it.


  • Statistics
  • Load Lesson
  • Ongoing Lesson

- This will need some form of xmlhttprequest so that when all the responses have been acquired by the server the web page is updated to the next interaction point.


I'll leave my arduino in the project box and put a program on it to pretend to be the teacher module. I.e. respond to new lessons and spew out buzzer feedback.


I'm willing to take on part of it. I'd prefer to work on lesson parsing and communicating with the teachermodule --Eb4890 14:42, 24 March 2011 (UTC)


Similar software deemed too complex (available for download for free):