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The specification for a commercial device, File:Activote.pdf.



Walkthrough of use

  • Installation
  • Starting Software

Should the program start on system start up and then pop up the web browser when the usb device is found?

  • Loading a lesson

The teacher should be given the option of reusing an old lesson or selecting a new lessonfile.

  • Registering students (potentially optional)
  • Starting a lesson
  • Moving on to the next question/interaction point
  • Ending a lesson
  • Reviewing a lesson



  • Talk to a non-science dept. (check)
  • Let down the chemistry dept down gently. (check)
  • Assign jobs to (un)willing participants.


Turns out my school was interested in buying a load of these. I will talk to the teachers spearheading the project, as they are well educated in the commerical products.