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  • 4 buttons in some orientation
  • 2 Leds ?
  • Buzzer or should that be in the hub?
  • Serialisation of data? Or should that be in the hub port?


Files are being kept on our teams GitHub page.


  • Layers 1,2,4 = MDF/Acrylic
  • Layers 2 = Laser Rubber.

Seems laser rubber is commonly ~2-3 mm. The top most layer will have to be thinner, MDF/plywood probably not a good idea. Will probably use 2 mm acrylic instead.


  • Need some kind of status light in hub to say when handsets are connected.
    • This will be a single RGB
  • The hub will have the wires dangling out, these will be plugged into the handsets via some kind of latched plug.
  • The handsets will be "dumb". They will only contain buttons and lights, and the clever stuff will be done in the hub
    • This has been discussed with Sol.


  • USB (micro or standard?)

Choice (a) student handset has a wire dangling out, that is plugged into the hub; choice (b) the hub has a wire dangling out that is attached to the students handset.

Either choice should have accommodation for tidying up trailing wires when not in use. Maybe use the same kind of design as most headphone-tidy wraps.


  • My current thinking is having 4 micro-switches/buttons with a flexible rubber layer over the top.
  • A good idea may be capacitive sensing of button pushes rather than mechanical buttons, will hopefully lead to a longer device lifetime.

Prototype 1

Protobuzzer1.jpg Protobuzzer2.jpg


Ciarán - I'll try and design the case, electronics will need to be done by someone who know's what they are doing.