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Equipment/Uni-T UTD2052CL

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Digital oscilloscope
Model UTD2052CL
Sub-category Test equipment
Status Good working order
Last updated 20 November 2018 16:48:24
Consumables None
Accessories Probes, probe tips, earth leads, IEC mains lead
Training requirement Requires Electronics Lab Access
ACnode no
Owner Hackspace
Origin Kraptv via Tek Company Store
Location 1st Floor Electronics Lab


Uni-T UTD2052CL video review in YouTube

We got a new UNI-T UTD2052CL 2 channel, 50MHz bandwidth, 500MS/s sampling rate digital storage oscilloscope. This included a pair of probes kept in a clear plastic bag nearby.


  • Dual channel bandwidth 50 MHz
  • Sampling rate 500 MS/s
  • Equivalent sampling rate 50 GS/s
  • 5 mathematic functions: adding, subtraction, multiplying, division, FFT
  • Internal memory 2 × 600 k
  • Two switchable probes
  • Print screen function
  • Colour 7” LCD
  • Built-in USB port for PC connection

Serial number is 0155339050043, hardware version 2.00 and software version 1.14 with a production date of 2016/1/6.

Connectivity & Manual


This was purchased by the Hackspace via Kraptv visiting a large test equipment manufacturer's company store. Probes included.

HW and SW Info