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Catering Equipment

Beware the beasts that lurketh in any item formerly used for food preparation!

It is common for all sorts of Kreepy Krawlies to hide in abandoned Microwaves, Toasters, Mincers and other kitchen kit. Cockroaches are the main threat but other creatures have been known to stow away in the darker crevices of such equipment. Even the inside of a motor has been known to hold insects and their eggs/young. In addition, old food prep gear is often contaminated with rotten food residue that can be a health risk if ingested or in contact with open cuts.

Inspect thoroughly inside and out any item that has been anywhere near a kitchen. Wash down and disinfect utensils and pots etc. Where there is any doubt just throw it away. Cockroaches, once established , are very difficult to get rid of.