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A day (Currently the last Saturday of each month) where we come together to work on the space: Infrastructure improvements, cleanups, tool maintenance, … whatever we deem appropriate at the time.

This day can serve as an excellent introduction for new members after they've had a Tuesday tour.

Upcoming Dates

We'll meet at the sofa corner to introduce each other, and to discuss what needs doing.

How to Help

The Hack the Space day is a good opportunity to:

  1. meet other active community members,
  2. fix/reorganise/improve the space,
  3. learn new skills while doing so.

If you're an experienced member, have identified something that needs fixing, or have experience in the use and maintenance of particular tools, then we would love you to come and provide guidance to newcomers. This is a great opportunity to spread knowledge and improve our members' skills.

If you're new to the space, want to help out, want to get to know other members, become more familiar with the space, and maybe learn a few new skills, then this is a great opportunity to do so. Not in formal training sessions, but rather as "learning as a side-effect of working together" type thing.

Task Lists

Please link to wiki pages that describe open tasks, so that people can easily pick them up during the next Hack the Space day.



  • Hackspace_Move links to a number of TODO-lists
  • The new Broken/Buy board (at the back entrance) lists a number of open tasks
  • ...


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