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A number of key activities and the people coordinating them. Highlighted* projects have been identified as critical: they are prerequisites for other work, or they establish what we can initially do at the space.

Important: project statuses are not authoritative. Please speak to the project contact to find out what the current state is.

Hackney Rd, basic infrastructure

  • Walls*: Paddy, Steve (Charles - workshop)
  • Ventilation*: Paddy, Steve, Charles
  • Lift*: Thomas/tgreer
    • Get a lift engineer out to verify that the lift really is safe to use and place heavy loads in. Insurance issues still to be addressed
  • Power*: alisonw (Charles - workshop)
  • Door access: Mark/ms7821, tgreer
    • Doorbot is installed. Trustees have override keys.
    • And at old space.
  • Comms: Jasper, Thomas/tgreer (447_Hackney_Road/Networking)
    • Phone lines are connected by still being paid for, so we can't take them over. New line will be fitted 27/3/2013 phone line now live
    • FTTC internet ordered from Zen - will be done next week, Weds 10th AM. done
  • Waste: Jasper
  • (Drainage)
  • (Flooring)

Hackney Rd, legal/regulations

  • Fire safety (exits, extinguishers, lighting, etc): Russ
  • Accessibility:

Hackney Rd, functional areas

  • Workshop: Charles/solexious
    • Floor has received first coat of paint! (Excepting the dirty metalworking room, to be done later)
    • Walls are constructed for woodworking and dirty metalworking rooms.
  • Wetlab: Will/will-h, biohackers
  • Electronics(incl EtchTank): Eugene/mentar
  • Darkroom: wyan
  • "Music" or performance space (actual form tbd)
  • Classroom
  • Storage, shelves

Cremer St

  • Pre-move (early removal of excess kit to 447 or give away): Thomas/tgreer
  • Cleanup
  • Packing
    • Kitchen, quiet room: Marc B.
    • Workshop: (Duffy?)
    • Social area:
    • Lobby area:
  • Agree on Cremer St restoration with landlord
  • Restoration

Our Cremer Street lease ends on the 30th April.

The actual move

Register to help out!

  • Loading:
  • Transport: Thomas/tgreer
  • Unloading: Sam/Eithin
  • Set-up:
  • Deadline: 13th/14th April

PHASE X: Not Time Critical

  • organise water & gas