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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Dell Optiplex 990
Sub-category Systems
Status Defunct
Training requirement no
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner LHS
Location 1st Floor, Classroom
Maintainers Sysadmin Group


This Dell Optiplex 990 computer workstation, normally at the front of the classroom, runs the Ubuntu 18.04 Hackspace variant, enabling member LDAP logins and temporary guest logins. Herd is connected to the classroom projector.

Named after Bil Herd, designer of multiple Commodore 8-bit machines, frequent Hackaday contributor, and the narration voice behind the 8-Bit Generation documentary series. . See also System naming for more notable names in the Hackspace.


Herd is a general purpose workstation for web browsing, document editing, device programming (Arduino, ESP32/ESP8266, Android), utilities for online IRC chat, and various reasonable activities for use while at the hackspace.

Do not assume this as a stable and reliable system for storing files - use an Internet-based cloud storage service or bring a USB key to hold onto your files. Do not assume this is a secure system or that your files are backed up - assume the system will be wiped as soon as you leave! Also assume that this computer as well as other communal systems are not secure and think twice before you enter in your secured personal info such as login/password combinations.

If you use this machine for IRC please state who you are when you make a statement - generic 'herd' comments/questions/complaints often make more sense when others know who you are.

Note you do not have root access. Please find a non-permanent portable computer to get root access and hack on. If you require root access, find a free computer and install a fresh non-Hackspace Linux build and hack from there. Installing an OS does not give you any reprieve from being reimaged back to a Hackspace-standard OS. Ideally, you will not be reimaging this system and instead using a laptop somewhere for your project.


  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04
  • CPU: Intel(R) Core i5 @ X.XX GHz (Quad-Core)
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Disk: 1x500GB HDD
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000
  • DVD-RW Drive
  • Audio device: Onboard Intel Audio