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Woodworking Jigs
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Sub-category Woodworking
Status Under construction
Training requirement no
ACnode no

This will contain various jigs that currently exist in the woodworking area as well as a list of planned jigs.

Existing Jigs

Crosscut sled for DeWalt Table Saw

This is stored next to the DeWalt table saw and is very handy for making simple mitre cuts, especially on smaller pieces. It could be improved by adding proper rails to it and would benefit from checking for square. Pretty much every woodworker on Youtube has a guide on how to make and use these. You could have a look through this video on why it's useful and how it's used

Desired Jigs

  • Zero clearance insert for table saw
  • Dowel Joinery Jig - I think this one looks great and is very versatile.
  • Finger Joint Jig - There are loads of designs for these out there. I think one like this will work great, except that we would use it on the router table instead. This one is slightly more complex but would be even better.
  • Picture Frames:
    • Picture Frame Sled - I really like this one and will try to make it some point this summer (2021).
    • Spline Jig
    • Picture Frame Clamp or this. They are both the same principle but I just added the 2nd one so it doesn't look like I get all my jig ideas from the same Youtuber!