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Please note that this page is outdated. Please visit Group:Amateur Radio for the current information.

The club callsign that members can use is M0HSL, (full recognition by Ofcom).



  • Martin - G4GRS
  • Wyan - EA4FYQ, M0GXD
  • Matt - G7SII

(Mast) Erection Master:

  • TGreer


Our primary base of operations is the London Hackspace at 447 Hackney Road, London.


Are monthly on the first Saturday, at 14:00.

Field Days

We're planning out inaugural Field day on * August 2nd - 4th

Mailing List

Come check out our Google Mailing List to keep up to date with the latest discussions

Licence Training

Once the class room has a door, and we're accredited as a test centre we'll start planning some training to get people their licences. Most likely a Foundation First, then Intermediate for those interested in getting a higher class licence.

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