MIG Welding Training

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Training for the mig welder

This is now located at https://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Welding_Training

Don't create training sessions yourself, they are announced on the mailing list when posted.

Signup for training sessions here.


Training will include;

  • Identify the correct type of gas used for the welding approach you wish to use and know why that gas should be used.
  • Identify which metals are safe to weld and which are hazardous to yourself and others
  • Know how you may be electrocuted and how you may electrocute others
  • What you need to know about pacemakers
  • Fit/Change and remove gas cylinders
  • Fit/Change MIG wire and get it through the hose to the torch
  • Fit/Change/Clean appropriate sized tips
  • Adjust the welding power, wire speed and gas flow to conditions suitable for the metal and thickness of joint you wish to weld
  • Use safety equipment and fire extinguishers
  • And finally - weld bits of metal together!

Upcoming sessions

13.30 Sunday 8th october

  • Insert NAME + Hackspace member no
  • 1
  • 2

Previous sessions

  • 2 Shaun Meehan (HS02208) (own mask)

09.00 Friday 1st September

  • 1 Billy Smith HS00115
  • 2 HS10145