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Most of the day-to-day discussion about London Hackspace happens on our e-mail lists (most of which are hosted on Google Groups). If you want to ask a question, or get involved with Hackspace, this is the place to do it.

On a lot of our lists, your first post to the list will be held for human moderation in order to prevent spam, so don't worry if it doesn't appear immediately.

Our mailing lists are part of the public face of the Hackspace. Please make sure you understand the Code of Conduct before joining.

At the moment we make use of the following mailing lists:

and numerous subgroups have mailing list - see the list of lists.

Main List

Most discussion happens on the main list, London Hackspace on Google Groups. It's a very busy mailing list with several thousand subscribers, so think carefully before posting. If you're new to London Hackspace and want to ask a question, please read the mailing list FAQ and the Mailing List Clichés page first.

To subscribe without a Gmail account, send a blank email to (adjust this address for the other Google Groups). When you get the "Join request" email, simply reply to it instead of clicking the link.

If you actually want to unsubscribe then go to this link and you should be able to unsubscribe. If this, for some reason, doesn't work then google "london hackspace mailing list", click on the "google groups" link then "edit my membership" on the right hand side the click the 'unsubscribe' button on the bottom right. Without a Gmail account, send a blank email to from the address you subscribed from.

If you'd prefer to interact in a more "forum" than "email" style, then visit the Google Group Page regularly.

The main list is lightly moderated to prevent excessive noise and spam posts. We will not remove messages unreasonably - if you believe we've accidentally deleted a post, please let us know. Posts may be delayed by a matter of hours if you have not posted before, your message looks too much like spam, or we've put you on temporary moderation. The current moderators are Russ, Charles and Mark.


  • Please be polite. Our lists are public and we'd like them to be welcoming.
  • Please keep politics/religion etc off the list as much as possible, we have a large number of readers of the list and we'd like the lists to be as on topic as possible
  • Please be aware that certain topics keep coming up. Please check the FAQ and start with a Google search.
  • If discussing something, focus on getting consensus, not catching people out. The noise level is already high, so read the full thread before replying, and don't just reply "me too".
  • Please don't ask the list to sign petitions: it's not a free way of lobbying a large number of people. Your post will be treated as spam, and you will find your account put on moderation very quickly.
  • If you are not sure about whether you should post something, ask on IRC first.

Other mailing lists

Inactive mailing lists