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Some of the fluid subgroups at London Hackspace. This is an attempt to make it easier for newcomers to get an idea of the kinds of regular meet-ups and projects you can get involved in.

You can always mail the hackspace mailing list with questions - contacts details here are for when you need to direct something specifically to the group or on IRC.

See also the list of mailing lists.


Contacts: Will, @playwood_co or PL(A)YWOOD

Photography darkroom

Contacts: wyan or the people listed on the project page


Contacts: Will, Bugs, Wzdd

Biohardware hacking

Contacts: Tom H

This is effectively a subgroup of the biohackers. The idea is to focus on the understanding and construction of tools and equipment useful to biotechnology.


Contacts: Jean-Baptiste, Martin Klang

London 3D

For those interested in 3D printers and manufacturing. See London 3D for meeting details or speak to Glen.

Not to be confused with London 3D printers, which meets in Camden.

Mind Hackers

Contacts: dmi or Matt or Morris aka TheHypnotist

Not Just Arduino

Contact: Marc Barto and Dean

Amateur Radio

Contacts: tgreer, Paul2, wyan, Ridpojken


Contacts: v21

Young Hackspace

Contacts: Martin

Textiles, thread, material

Contacts: Will

Sport lockpicking

Contacts: Conor, Mark

3 in 1 lathe

3 in 1 lathe Contacts: TBC, TBC


Contacts: not sure.

Hackthemedia (workshops about video - media)

Contacts: Marc Barto, Hamish

Graphics Hackspace

Contacts: Oni

VideoHackspace Contacts: Vjhash


Contacts: detonate, Ross Morgan, Russ Garrett


Contacts: Henry Sands


Contacts: Dean

Linux User Group

Contacts: Joe Poser, Andrea Campanella

Modelmakers Group

Cars, boats, trains, planes, dioramas, etc.

Contacts: Henry Best