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Note: this group is not currently active. For a few months in 2011, London Hackspace members organised a series of workshop for kids and young teenagers. Taking the ingenuity, skill and experience of all you seasoned hackers and using it to teach the next few generations. As part of this infrequent event we invited groups of young children and teenagers to the Hackspace and showed them how to make things. Electronics, crafts, lasers, sound, ...

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  • 16-OCT-2014 Group restart meeting


  • Follow @younghackspace for updates.
  • If you're an interested parent and want to attend our events then sign up to the mailing list at and await instructions; or contact martind directly.
  • If you're a parent, teacher or youth organiser and want to discuss future events, or would like to help us organise events then get in touch with martind. (Best if you're from the area, we're in E2 9DY.)
  • If you have suggestions for workshops then check out our Event Proposals page. (Get in touch with martind to get a quick response.)


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