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These are basically ready to go, once we're happy to schedule them we'll move them to a dedicated page. Add yourself as volunteer if you'd like to help out.

Name Description Team Volunteers
"Let's Make Electronic Beats" "One of my missions is to spread the joy of dabbling with music to others and I've run small "let's make electronic beats" workshops with children before way back in the past. I'd be delighted to show the kids some fun music tech (the Tenori-on, a small hands-on synth, some of the cool things that can be achieved with delay lines, etc) and see how and what they respond to (agenda disclosure: I consider this user research)." Anthony/ynohtna


These already have a strong concept and a core group of volunteers. They may need more preparation before we're ready to commit to a date.

Name Description Team Volunteers
Monorail building workshop "we have already started work on a monorail at home after being inspired by the one in the Hackspace office." Senake, Tomw


These are just ideas for now. Anyone can add more.

Name Description Team Volunteers
PCB etching workshop How to make Printed Circuit Boards for electronics. (The etching process uses toxic chemicals so has do be done by a grownup or young adult.) ?
One-String Guitar An easy first woodworking project. Pics and instructions at Project:OneStringGuitar ??? ???
Play with Gravity ~ $100 for parts, looks like fun :)