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Not Just Arduino 25th March

Talk on booloaders by Michael Margolis

Many thanks to Michael for talking to the group, here is the video. The slides PDF will be added soon.

Update on the ShrimpingIt workshop

Due to the Hackspace moving out to a new space, we might have to either to reschedule or to relocate. I will keep you all posted.


Video Circuit Bending Workshop

VideoHackspace will organise a video Circuit Bending Workshop the 28th of April at London Hackspace. It will run for approx 6-8 hours. Run by Simon Schäfer.

The idea is to give to any of you I equipment to bend...10 people max, 6-8 hours, approx cost 40 GPB to cover raw material and room rental and beers.

Hackday for accessible music

On Sunday 21st April  Drake Music will run a hackday to create and share new instruments that break down disabling barriers to music making. If you want to get involved contact Martin: martin AT rebel-it DOT com

The Music Hackship

Music Hackspace is organising a full-day festival with workshops, installations and performances onboard the amazing MS Stubnitz. The date is March 30th, next Saturday - put it in your calendars and make sure to come along!

Mini Maker faire

London’s first Mini Maker Faire will take place at the London College of Communication on the 6th July 2013. The deadline for submissions is 14th April 2013, form is here.

Interesting links

  • How to make something like “Makey Makey” using Arduino Leonardo

  • Arduino Basic Connections

After creating great pinouts diagrams for all Arduino boards as already mentioned a few weeks ago, Pighixxx has now produced a listing of basic connections to any sort of devices (how to connect a led, a relay, a speaker)[1]

  • RFduino

A finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller

In the recent past when trying to add Bluetooth communication to your Arduino project you had to bite the bullet on a seperate and often expensive shield. Armen Kazanchian the founder of California based Open Source RF wants to change this with RFduino.

Built on top of Nordic Semiconductors nRF51822 SoC ('System-on-Chip') and ARM's Cortex M0 processor, this tiny coin sized FCC and CE-compliant micro-computer enables developers and hobbyists to add Bluetooth LE applications to any of your projects making them easily controllable from your smartphone or tablet.

Fully Open Hardware and powered by either a wall outlet, USB, AAA or coin cell battery the device can be extended via an assortment of stackable shields (SD card, relay shield, RGB LED, quad servo controller board, etc are planned).

Code: [2]

  • Arduino GSM

New Arduino GSM – Make / receive calls or sms with Arduino video: [3]


From Steve: Not the board I'd spotted originally (I can't find that link) but one of a similar concept that you might be interested in.

Next event

Hope to see you all on Monday 8th April 7PM