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Not Just Arduino 2nd December



Interesting projects

  • Joint project for a decorating the Hackspace for Christmas was launched
    • A discussion led to the basic ideas of:
      • A wooden slot together Christmas Tree
      • Lots of LED's
      • Some sort of motion-activated Christmas Carol machine
      • Moving Christmas Presents

Starting with Arduino

Here some examples:

NJA Community

  • Join us on Github: Not Just Arduino to centralise documentation about all NJA projects. For some reason on GitHub all users can't request to join a group but have to be added by a owner, so please send us your username! Then you'll be able to add your repos and code! Tell us if you need help.
  • Lear how to use this wiki! If you need help ask Marc. Documentation is available here.
  • Document your project! Here is a good example
  • Follow us on twitter
  • Join the Flickr group
  • And don't forget our mailing list: Not Just Arduino

Next event

Hope to see you all on Monday 4th November 7PM